What To Do When Your Vehicle Brakes Down And You Need An Emergency Vehicle

  • Make sure your vehicle is in the safest possible position, if possible pull off the road
  • Turn on your hazards lights and/or emergency flashers
  • Remove everyone from vehicle AND move away from the vehicle to a safer location
  • If you have any passengers, make sure they no not to return to vehicle
  • Stay together AND away from traffic in a safe place until help arrives
  • Call for help: police, tow company (Burke’s Towing & Recovery:)) and your insurance provider.
  • When calling your preferred tow/insurance provider be sure to have your policy number or insurance information, year, make, model, license number and color of your vehicle and your contact number
  • Be as thorough as possible with this information as this helps the vehicle recovery driver locate and help you
  • Stay aware of your surroundings AND stay safe

Burke’s Towing & Recovery supply these tips as a guide only and do not assume any legal responsibility for the use of same.

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